Dragons Clan

Guild Rules

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General Guild Rules

As with any online community, the following are rules to ensure that the community runs smoothly.  It is assumed that every member has viewed these rules and understand what is expected of them while in the community.  These rules are in addition to Blizzards social contract (a copy can be found here)

  1. Be respectful: We do not tolerate any actions that we consider disrespectful, this may include (but is not limited to): any forms of hate speech, any topics disregarding one’s protected status, such as race, gender, age, etc…
  2. No Trolling: The posting of topics with the sole purpose to cause unrest.
  3. No spam of any kind.
  4. Follow all additional rules that may apply to each individual event.  These are posted below.

Please note that it is ultimately up to the interpretation of the guild’s officers to interpret these rules.  If you see a violation of these rules, you may report the incident to one of the guilds officers, please do not try to enforce these rules yourself.